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that is all the time we have left. first, greta takes over. what is coming up? greta: the dating. tonight, unamerican. does that mean you? that phrase has been thrown around. and nancy pelosi and some others speak on this. rush limbaugh does not like it. hear what he has to say about that phrase in a moment. bill o'reilly goes on the record. he says something that has people furious. if you do not like it, tough. what is going on with him? olivia newton-john is ex- boyfriend presumed dead for years.
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hold onto your seat for this one. but first, the health care war just got hotter. first the protesters were called angry mobs. now unamerican. in 000, it is now evident that an ugly campaign is underway not nearly to misrepresent the health care insurance reform legislation but to prevent members from congress and constituents from conducting a civil dialogue. are these people unamerican. >> let's do it. we are not going to do anything until you take care of this. >> who sent me here? i set myself.
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how dare you say i am part of a conspiracy. how dare you. >> i have read the bill. i do not know that you have. >> this was brought out in the early 1930's in germany. >> i hope we can do this in a civilized manner without dulling. -- yelling. >> they are discriminating based on certain things. >> [unintelligible] >> certain things are outlined in the constitution. greta: our reporter is live at a town hall in maryland.
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>> passion ran very high here at the university. let me show you, the crowd was heavily slanted against president obama and the legislation. in the streets, you said protesters on both sides, some showed up for it. they were shouting across this street. it was an amazing scene. people were generally for it or against it. the scene inside, the same thing. there was a bit of a shock when the majority of the people were against the legislation. some people were being heavily union -- that was the rumor. but that was not the case at all. most were against it.
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one thing that the crowd outside said about it was the usa today a call that we talked about. here is how it went down. >> if your parents would be ashamed of you. >> [unintelligible] >> you cannot have this in america. this is not what we are. >> nowhere in the united states constitution are we entitled to free health care. >> health care. what everyone? health care. when do we want it? now. >> everybody has earned the right to health care. >> quality health care should be
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available for american citizens. >> people should get health care when they lose their jobs. what we have now is not working. >> we now have questions from the audience. >> are you kidding me? >> we are sao far removed from what our founding fathers wanted. and they would say we need to get the government out of health care. [applause] >> the temperatures are not the only things up rising in august. taxes are rising. as spoke with the press secretary.
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i ask the senator if he was surprised after the meeting. he said he did not know it was going to be like that. he said he would continue with his next town hall in wednesday. back to you. greta: he is very low-key. it is interesting watching the passion of the people giving him the tough questions pearson is so unlike what you would expect there. >> that is a good point. he has done a very good job handling the passion of the crowd. some were trying to take it over. he was very good at answering the questions in listening. it did not get out of control. he scored a win there. he is trying to deal with how people feel. mainly they were upset about the government intrusion.
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that is what we saw was the founding fathers comment. greta: thank you. someone else got an air full in a recent town hall. the congressman joins us live. i am sure you have heard the op- ed piece in usa today where the speaker spoke to -- spoke about the phrasing unamerican. >> the meeting we head could have had more discourse and opportunity to exchange ideas. it was american, and there were issues discussed. we had to talk about some of the myths that are out there. we had a health care professionals from both sides talk at first. i think that was helpful for the discussion. greta: what do you think about this term "unamerican"?
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>> i think that term goes back to fill mccarthy and accusing people falsely in using congressional powers to do that. i am not going to go so far as to say they are that. americans came to my meeting. they had a right to express themselves. i wish we had a more opportunity to discuss things. there are all kinds of opportunities to affect political issues and make an impression. i felt like it was a good discourse. >> for the people at your town hall meeting, were the people who were citizens who have come to hear or challenge you, or was that organized or a group that was bused in from someplace? >> nobody was bused in.
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over 90% were from my district. the ones that were not, or from my county. they were not necessarily be representative of my district. it is 62% african-american. at this activity, only 10% african-american were there. there was an activist there who circulated petitions on the e- mail to encourage people to come. they were concerned about some of the mist. -- myths such as abortion being a part of this, which is not true. singer is being hurt by this, which is not true. -- seniors being hurt by this, which is not true. greta: have you had a chance to read the entire bill? >> yes, i had.
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>>have. greta: can you understand what people may be confused or what they may be upset with the bill? >> all legislation is difficult. i have been in office for over 30 years, and legislation in certain sections have certain code numbers and technical burbage. it is difficult to understand. the white house has a spot on the internet to give people truth about the bill. greta: people disagree with you. the bill could be simple. smart people should write things so the rest of us can understand it. if it is so complicated, the people who have to implement it, that is going to be a bigger nightmare. it will not get it right unless you write a bill that is very
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plain and easy to understand. i believe we can if we wanted. >> it is difficult to do that. if you may it too simple, that is when the courts come in to interpret what the words are. if the words are not precise and specific and based on precedent and referred to code sections, then the courts will get involved, and you never know what the courts will do. greta: we respectfully disagree on that point. thank you for coming on. i hope we come back. >> thank you. i appreciate you having me. greta: rush limbaugh is on fire about the bigger policies comments. -- about the comments made by speaker nancy pelosi. and bill a rally is taking some heat for something he just did. -- bill o'reilly is taking some heat for something he just did.
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greta: the war over health care just got pushed up. nancy pelosi and steny hoyer. they are saying that some of the protests at recent town halls are un-american. what does rush limbaugh think? >> they have an op-ed in "usa today," in which they refer that un-american attacks cannot derail the health-care debate. those of you showing up to the debates, nancy pelosi first call view "nazis," and now they have said that you are "on american
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-- unamerican." greta: senator rick santorum joins us. i bet they can pull those words back. >> yes, there was the offhand remark by the speaker, and that is one thing. that is bad. that is horrible. but this was a vetted up and down the line. this is what they think. -- this was vetted up and down the line. they wrote an op-ed, and they called the american public showing up at these town meetings un-american, and you want to talk about putting gasoline on a fire. they're going to guarantee that this thing is going to be hot to drop their rest of august. -- throughout the rest of august. greta: frankly, she did not use that were. that is the problem, and it is probably true of others, and maybe many members of congress and others protested when they
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felt passionate and strongly about things, said to come at now and say -- is just a terrible choice of words -- so to come out now and say that -- it is just a terrible choice of words. >> not only steny hoyer and nancy pelosi, but the deputy chief of staff right under rahm emanuel, he is the one who was quoted as saying last week, "we are going to hit back twice as hard." there was the 2005 social security debacle, if you will, when george bush said we were going to go out and try to reform social security. he was the guy who was coordinating the opposition and got the service employees union out to my town hall meeting where we had to napoli's to make sure that these folks who were very threatening -- we had our town hall meeting, and we had to have the police out to make sure that these folks who were threatening -- one person had to be taken out of the room, so this is not new tactics for
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them. they are just not used to ordinary americans getting just as upset, only this time, it is real as opposed to being paid to do that. greta: i would like to hear the president to say something about this, because, remember, he was a community activist. people coming forward and may not have a voice to come forward and speak as a group, and senior citizens, the weber was speaking -- i am not talking about somebody who may be busted. -- whoever was speaking. "i want to understand it. i really worry about my health care. i want to see the president's support my right to speak appier " if yelling, so be it. -- i want to see the president's support my right to speak." -- the president support it. >> i heard them talk about that abortion is not in here and that all these things are lies.
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he is just not telling the truth. we need to confront them ensure that the sections and tell them exactly what we now know to be the case which we need to confront them and show them the sections. -- we need to confront them and show them the sections and tell them exactly what we now know to be the case. we need to confront them. greta: i do not know why this bill has to be so complex that you cannot pick it up and understand it. i think that is a disaster. if it is complicated and convoluted, the minute they try to implement it at a health center or some doctor's office, there is going to be hell to pay, so they have to make one that we can understand so that we can fairly debated. you agree with me go? -- fairly debate it. >> no, i agree with you, greta, but when you take on the massive job that they have of taking over the health-care system, it is not going to be simple.
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if you want to do health-care reform and do it piecemeal, you can do very simple bills that are understandable to the american public, but that is not what they want to do. greta: ok, senator, you got the last word. senator, thank you. up next, there is breaking news on capitol hill, and you can be about for this, because you just saved yourself if hñí
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greta: there is breaking news right here in washington. tonight, controversy exploded recently on capitol hill about a house plan to spend millions of dollars on eight gulfstream and boeing jets. now, you taxpayers were outraged about this, and you let your senators and congresspersons know about it, and guess what? many of them apparently heard about it. they were angry about the plan, and including a senator who went on the record earlier today. -- they were angry about the plan, including a senator. "the wall street journal" says the house has just scrapped that plan.
1:23 am
they will buy one gulfstream plane and one boeing aircraft, -- and three boeing aircraft. the senator was fighting this one, and he was one of the senators who fought this expenditure, and u.s. banks are ready to cash in big time, not taking money from the government. guess who? their customers. u.s. banks will apparently collect $38.50 billion in overdraft fees this year. keep in mind, these are some of the very same banks that you just bailed out be joining us is steve moore, a senior economics writer for the "the wall street journal" editorial page. they are outraged. >> deservedly. members of congress were taking junket trips. and now they are," i had no idea." greta: -- and now, they are," i had no idea."
1:24 am
-- they are, "i had no idea." >> $100,000 to go to antarctica to study global warming. ok, this is an amazing story. $38 billion in overdraft fees. the american people, we have got to be more financially literate. i mean, the way people -- the banks make money is when people bounced checks. people, do not bounce checks. -- when people bounce checks. it suggests to me that people are living from paycheck to paycheck, and in a lot of cases, they cannot make a living paycheck to paycheck. i think americans are -- and this is why it is so foolish to be raising the payroll tax, as the democrats want to do in the health-care bill. should the banks be charging lower fees?
1:25 am
i do not know. greta: all right, here is mine rub. here is what i want to know -- here is my rub. we gave them a lot of money. are they paying the cinema on that money that we bailed them out with -- are they paying the same on that money? but the banks make huge amounts of money. -- >> the banks make huge amounts of money. greta: they want to take it from us on overdrafts. >> but, you know, the banks did not have to take the money in the first place if they did not want to. greta: that is worse. that is worse. >> i agree with you. i think maybe patients show -- i think maybe the banks should show a little of what the american people did. 60%, 7%, 80%. greta: on the overdrafts? --
1:26 am
60%, 70%, 80%. >> at this point, greta, i would just be happy -- the banks still of the federal government over $500 billion. some of it has been paid back, but very little of it. greta: what a mess. the senator from rhode island was one of the senators. anyway, steve, thank you. up next, caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. bill o'reilly goes on the record. o'reilly says he is taking major heat for something he just did, but he is not backing down. plus, this is not a joke. apparently, taking its rightful place
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greta: do not adjust your television. we thought we would give you an early dose of "the o'reilly factor." earlier, the master of the no spin zone went on the record. all right, so you do a tv show. it is number one of all cable news. your best selling books have flooded the bookstores, but now, "parade" magazine. bill: we wrote an article for sunday entitled, "what kids can learn from president obama." some people do not like me saying anything positive about the president, and those that hate me do not like me saying anything, period.
1:31 am
greta: so what is it you admire about the president? bill: the article was about children, not president obama. i took his biography, which i think is interesting to any fair minded person, had you get from a broken home with no data and a kind of wacky mother, that is quite a story -- how you get from a broken home with no debt -- dad. the best lesson is, of course, forgive, do not blame your parents, be consistent, and your dream can come true. you read the article, and you would think, "gee, that is a positive thing." all kids should read this article and get the point of view that you can do it, regardless of what you want that you can do. but, no, you get the ideologues in there, and it is kind of been pressing -- depressing, but i am glad i wrote the piece. greta: a broken home, that is
1:32 am
common, and then you lay out these lessons, persistence, hard work, in america, everything is possible, and overcoming whatever sort of cultural mess we have got ourselves into. bill: i wanted people to clip the article and send it to people who may be having trouble. i think it is straight 40 and i hope that children read it. it is not for adults so much -- i think it is straightforward. i would say this to our conservative friends. on my own website,, there are some nasty things about me. what is the difference about bush haters, and we all criticized that, what the left did to president bush, what is the difference between haiti president bush and haden president obama? haden -- haden president bush and 18 president obama? -- hating president bush and
1:33 am
hating president obama? hate is hate. i want to say what i like about president obama, and if you do not like it, tough. greta: nancy pelosi and steny hoyer saying it is un-american to participate in some of these town halls, and i guess they need to be boisterous. i am sure you are able to say something about this. >bill: i am overly a boisterous. -- overly boisterous. at this juncture, i think this is ridiculous. the president has not been able to explain it. i do not know what is going to happen. i do not think the president knows what is going to happen. it could very well bank of the united states, causing our dollar -- it could very well bankrupt the united states. look. nancy pelosi is a right
1:34 am
ideologue. that is to the woman is. she is a far left person -- she is a rank ideologue. she does not care about opposing points of view. all she wants to do is impose her far left values from california on the country. obviously, people do not want that, and they are going to object to it, so nancy pelosi and her not liking the protesters, you know, i did not get a lot of that would be left protested. i did not hear nancy pelosi saying, "hey." the minutemen and all of this. it seems to me that she does not value protests at all. if it comes from the right, it is bad. if it comes from the left, well, it is not. greta: do you think our politicians have satisfactorily laid out what this health-care plan is? >> no. greta: that is what i think the frustration is with american voters.
1:35 am
i have looked through it, and, frankly, a lot of it does not make sense. it is incomprehensible, this bill that is being passed around. bill: more than 1000 pages? when they get it down to at three pages, then i will look at it. you can get it. i can get it. we can put it up on the talking points memo and explain it to the folks. if you cannot tell me in three pages what this program is, then there is something wrong with it. greta: senator john conyers said if you cannot understand it, and you cannot understand it, but you vote for it -- suddenly, who can implement it? if it is to be implemented, what about thexd person who has to implement it back down the chain? bill: this is just like they do in california. i mean, what is california the nation's most populous state with every resource you can think of going bankrupt? it is going bankrupt because
1:36 am
lose control the legislature. the governor cannot get through the loons -- it is going bankrupt because the loons control the legislature. the country is going to be in dire trouble, so the folks are right to be anxious, skeptical, and there are right to voice those concerns. greta: -- they are right to voice those concerns. greta: our next guest has a giant bull's-eye on him. the last time spoke up, his enemies tried to scare him. they got two of his relatives, murdered avandia who is this individual? later, -- murdered two of them. who is this individual only new dove has nutriummoisture... which can nourish deep down. new dove body wash with nutriummoisture. superior natural nourishment for your skin.
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>> and developing story out of japan. a strong earthquake has rocked tokyo. look at the shaking. it hit offshore with a preliminary magnitude 6.5. it is damaging buildings and roads. only minor injuries have been reported. a second unrelated stronger earthquake hit beneath the ocean. divers will be pulling the
1:41 am
wreckage of the small plane of the hudson river hours from now in new jersey. the plan was involved in the mid-air collision with a helicopter saturday. it is submerged in water. they have pulled the bodies of seven victims. the chopper was pulled up of the water . them down. now, this. greta: risking the lives of his family by going on the record, and his life. he is running for prime minister of iraq. two of his relatives were murdered after he spoke out in july, but he will not be silenced. schick, thank you so much. welcome to the united states -- chic, welcome. -- sheik. is iraq going to be better off in the long run? because the united states went in in march 2003, or is this
1:42 am
worse for iraq? >> i want to tell you one thing. the coalition and specifically the united states, they did a lot of things for iraq, but they do not have the right partner inside iraq to ensure the success of the united states. 20032004 -- they spent a lot of money, and to achieve a different situation, opportunities, and jobs, but there are some people that block what you're trying to do. >> who are those people? >> the alliance of our neighbor country.
1:43 am
greta: meaning? >> in iran. greta iran. iran is really your enemy. >> yes. i think they have a very negative effect in the political process. they do not want to see any success in iraq. greta: and how is in iran doing that to iraq now? >> we have a lot of iranian representatives. greta: so if you become prime minister, is there something you can do about to sort of get rid of the iran influence in iraq? >> this is one of our issues, and we want to have belonged to a positive relationship with all of our neighboring countries. we do not want anyone to have influence on the political process. we want to have exactly a good relationship, and positive relationship.
1:44 am
we should respect each other. i do not want to interfere. they should do the same. greta: you supported or helped plan and support the surge. is that right? >> yes. greta: why? >> because i knew from this beginning that this conflict was created by a third party for his interest to see the sunni and americans fighting together. greta: who is that third party? >> i mean iran. >brit: in july, you were in london giving a speech, and it was titled the "lessons are fighting insurgents say." it is about the awakening in anbar. -- "lessons in fighting insurgents."
1:45 am
>> we wanted to convince them to protect themselves from the insurgents and from al qaeda, and this was done, and they start to believe that these people they are not the enemy of the coalition, and they accept that, and they start to go together against al qaeda. crudup after your speech, something happened to two of your cousins who were advisers of yours, right? >> yes. one was my nephew. greta: what happened to them? >> they killed them. greta: who is "the?" -- who is "the"? -- "they"? >> there are some people who get
1:46 am
paid from foreign countries to do such things inside our province to stop any leader in iraq to talk. greta: so you think this is iran during this? >> i am very confident. greta: how do you know that? >> the marines and the coalition, they get used in the attacks. it is from iran. greta: your cousins who were murdered, what were the circumstances? >> they were to move from a certain place to another place, and there was a bomb in the middle of the street, and when he passed by, exploded.
1:47 am
-- it exploded. greta: how do you know it is related to giving the speech? >> because this is not the first time. this is the third accident. the first one, i lost some brothers and cousins. in the second attack, i lost my brother, and there was a meeting at a conference in fallujah with marines, and this is the third one. in two years, i have an accident. greta: so this is no accident? this is murder of your representatives? >> yes. greta: and what makes you think it is in reaction to your going to london to talk essentially about building peace, working with the coalition? why do you think is in direct relation to that? >> because i try to explain that
1:48 am
we try to stop iran. greta: so what makes you confident that if you gave the speech in london, you went on the bbc, then two of your representatives get bombed? now, you are here in the united states, and you are on fox news channel, and it is going to go all over. why would you anyway feel safe for your relatives at this point? >> i do not feel safe. i do not feel safe. that is why i went to convince our allied countries to protect us during the next election and to monitor the election. we want to have a real elected government in iraq. greta: do you think there is a target on your back by iran? >> yes, yes, i do. that is why i left there in november 2003, because i received information that i would be attacked in fallujah at 12:00 midnight, and i left at
1:49 am
11:00. greta: up next, a bombshell about the ex-boyfriend of olivia newton-john who was presumed dead for years. well, your mind is about to be blown. blown. and
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greta: police say he fell overboard and drowned. someone is saying that he is alive and well and wants to be left alone. he may be working as a deckhand on a massive a vessel. he owes money in child-support. you never heard of the excuse my
1:54 am
dog ate my homework. a man in florida is charged with downloading child pornography. he says he did not do it, but a pet did. more than 1000 images were found on his computer. according to the report, he says his pet jumped on the keyboard while he was downloading music. he left the room, and when he returned, strange things appeared on his computer. the cat cannot be reached for comment. someone in oregon has been evicted from his luxury home. the money was found outside of an atm at a gas station. themous mouse released in the woods. there you have it. it the best of the best. still ahead, one more quick round before we turn off the lights. we know he is out of a job, but he is being paid to sing. we have the video to prove it.
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greta: 11:00 is almost here. flash michele steele lights. last call. rod blagojevich is no longer governor of illinois, but he made his singing did you, belting out and elvis tune at the chicago block party -- flash the studio lights. >> ♪ [singing] [cheers and applause] greta: what can really say about that video? the party was thrown

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